Cannabis and Older Adults:

- Most cannabis users over 65 are new users.

- Most use for therapeutic reasons: Pain, sleep, and anxiety.

- 30% of respondents had used cannabis.

- 40% of those not using were interested and considering using medical cannabis.

- Most currently using, or considering using were for medical reasons, primarily: pain, inflammation, sleep, and anxiety.

- Most wanted to know more about the benefits and risks of using medical cannabis from a trusted source.

- Some evidence that CBD effective for: inflammation, seizures, and anxiety.

- Some evidence that THC effective for: anti-nausea, pain relief, and appetite stimulant. 

Forms of Medical Cannabis and their duration of effects:

1) Flower: almost immediate effects that can last for 6 to 12 hours.

2) Vaping: almost immediate effects that can last up to 4 hours.

3) Sublingual (Sprays or Strips): Onset in 10-30 minutes and lasting for 6-12 hours.

4) Ingested (Edibles): Onset in 10-60 minutes and lasting for up to 12 hours.

5) Topicals (Creams, Lotions): Unknown onset and lasting for 6 hours plus.

Trend for best results if treating for pain: 

1) Eating (Edibles)

2) Sublingual

3) Spray

4) Inhaled (Smoked)  

* Always get doctors advice and a prescription before using medical cannabis.